WATCH: Conor McGregor and Petr Yan have totally pointless face-off at a boxing event

Conor McGregor and Petr Yan faced off at a boxing fight for really no reason at all.

Petr Yan vs. Conor McGregor
Petr Yan vs. Conor McGregor /

Did you ever think you would see former bantamweight champion Petr Yan face-off with former featherweight and lightweight champion Conor McGregor? Yeah, we didn't either.

But that's what happened when the two former champions attended the IBA Night of Champions event at Agenda Arena in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The two former champions went head-to-head and if you didn't know anything about MMA you might have actually thought there was a fight brewing between them.

Ironically there was a man in attendance we would have loved to see McGregor face off with, Islam Makhachev. The pair were sitting directly across from each other at the match, but that's the closest it appears they came. It's probably for the best since there's bad blood (to say the least) between McGregor and the current UFC champion's cousin, Khabib Nurmagomedov.

So far, neither Yan or McGregor have an official fight booked, but rest assured, this isn't some kind of announcement.

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