Valentina Shevchenko absolutely buried Sean Strickland over WMMA comment [UPDATED]

Valentina Shevchenko came after Sean Strickland when he called women's MMA 'lame'.

Valentina Shevchenko and Sean Strickland
Valentina Shevchenko and Sean Strickland / Getty

Valentina Shevchenko is one of the greatest female fighters of all time and she's taken to Twitter to put UFC middleweight champion Sean Strickland in his place.

On Nov. 9, Strickland posted about former UFC fighter Paige VanZant who said she makes more money on OnlyFans than she ever did fighting. Strickland used that as ammo against WMMA as a whole.

"Paige Vanzant said she made more on only fans in 24 hours than she did in the UFC. Let's unpack..

1. You were signed because you're hot.
2. Women's mma is lame.
3. Men will pay more to see you naked than to watch you fight.

Stay in school kids, fighting sucks lol."

Shevchenko wasn't going to let him get away with that.

"Interesting unpack here," she wrote. "That looks more like an offended kid, who got less money in his entire fighter career than female fighters do! Good try, maybe UFC will see that and add some cash to your purse next time. But for now naked is you are."

The feud continued on and they traded jobs on Saturday as well.

"Valentina you lost to a girl who pulls guard, you look like you learned striking from a YouTube video. LMAO female MMA. It's like watching children fight it's fun but we all know it's trash. You only have a job because you know when to put heels on and take off your clothes," Strickland tweeted.

She replied writing, "Look like you was beaten by a girl in the gym and now you are offended to all women in the world. Poor baby boy! Train harder to not lose to a girl."

Shevchenko has a 23-4 professional MMA record and won the flyweight title when she defeated Joanna Jędrzejczyk at UFC 231. She defended the title seven times before losing it to Alexa Grasso at UFC 285 in March 2023.

Strickland is 28-5 and won his first UFC title this year when he defeated Israel Adesanya at UFC 293. He's often in hot water over his comments about women including saying they should not vote or have jobs and should instead be at home raising their children.

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