How much do UFC ring card girls make?

UFC Fight Night Blaydes v Ngannou 2
UFC Fight Night Blaydes v Ngannou 2 / Emmanuel Wong/GettyImages

Everything you need to know about ring card girls and how much they make.

The UFC has quickly become one of the top sports franchises in the world, and their iconic UFC ring card girls have been a mainstay since the dark ages of the sport.

As with any company on the rise, the benefits afforded to those who dawn the UFC-branded bikini have risen over the years. UFC 40 was the first time a ring card girl was spotted on one of the PPV telecasts. Amber Nichole-Miller was the name of the woman in question, and it went over well with the audience. So much so, that in the current era, there are fighters who actively complain about the financial success of the ladies in question, in comparison to themselves.

How much money do UFC ring card girls actually make?

According to Sports Brief, the base salary is around $1000-$5000 per event. This is supplemented by a purported additional $5000 if the event is to be shown on PPV. The majority of the income for the UFC ring card girls though, is earned through opportunities outside of the octagonal boundaries.

Names like Arianny Celeste and Brittany Palmer have made far more money outside of the UFC than inside. The former has appeared in movies, been photographed by Playboy, and lent her likeness to video games. This has made her a millionaire in the process, as well as a household name outside of the UFC.

Following her OnlyFans success, she is now reportedly worth around $3,400,000, more than many long-time UFC veteran fighters. This has drawn criticism from Jake Paul who was vocal about the amount some ring card girls make.

"It’s a big problem," Paul said during a 2021 interview with Chael Sonnen. "How is Arianny Celeste… she’s a ring girl, right? How does she make more money than some of the fighters in the Octagon who are risking their lives? Doesn’t make sense to me."

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