UFC 292: Brad Katona becomes TUF 31 winner after war with Cody Gibson (Video)

Brad Katona becomes the first two-time winner of The Ultimate Fighter as he puts on a classic with Cody Gibson at UFC 292.
Brad Katona vs. Cody Gibson
Brad Katona vs. Cody Gibson / ESPN

Brad Katona has returned to the UFC and did so in a big, history-making way.

Katona defeated Cody Gibson to win the bantamweight portion of The Ultimate Fighter season 31. Katona is now the first fighter to win the show twice after he won the 27th season five years ago.

Katona and Gibson's fight was an action-packed and fast-paced war, as the two laid into each other with shots aplenty. In fact, Katona and Gibson combined for 303 significant strikes, the third-most in UFC bantamweight history.

Brad Katona becomes bantamweight winner of The Ultimate Fighter season 31

The two battled in close from the start, with plenty of exchanging. Gibson worked with his jab well as the two traded, with Gibson landing a couple of strong right hands about halfway through the first round. Katona looked to bring speed with his pressure, but Gibson consistently found the mark with his right hand, delivering pressure of his own.

Gibson continued to come forward with pressure in the second round, and it appeared to be affecting Katona, who seemed to be on a slowdown. But in the final minute or so in the round, Katona landed a couple of solid shots that seemed to wobble Gibson. At that point, Gibson seemed to be the one whose gas tank was suffering.

The two continued to trade through the third round, as the two put on a back-and-forth clinic with relentless pacing. While Gibson had a few shots that rocked Katona, Katona rocked Gibson with a few late shots upstairs that caused swelling to one of Gibson's eyes.

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