Cody Gibson goes off on 'coked up' Conor McGregor 'no respect' on TUF 31 set (VIDEO)

Conor McGregor and Cody Gibson
Conor McGregor and Cody Gibson /

TUF 31's Cody Gibson has some harsh words for rival team's coach, Conor McGregor.

On episode two of The Ultimate Fighter 31, veteran Cody Gibson secured an amazing finish to advance Michael Chandler's team to 2-0 over Conor McGregor's prospects.

Shortly after the episode aired, Gibson sat down with FanSided MMA to talk about the experience and all the things we didn't get to see as fans.

One thing Gibson mentioned was a scene which was featured on his episode where McGregor came to the TUF house to get a haircut from one of his fighters. But Gibson says the producers didn't show the whole truth.

"It's been an accurate portrayal, I guess," Gibson said of the first two episodes so far. "They didn't show Conor staying at the house until two in the morning the night of that haircut. I was pissed off because I had to weigh in the next morning and I just couldn't go to sleep because you've got this Irish guy running through the house screaming until two in the morning. So I was a little uh ... I think his Instagram documented that better than The Ultimate Fighter ever did."

But it didn't stop there, Gibson, who was matched with Chandler for his coach, also noticed other things about McGregor's personality over the course of filming.

Cody Gibson goes off on 'coked out' Conor McGregor 'no respect' on TUF 31 set

"Sometimes he was like what you see on TV," Gibson said of the former two-division champion. "An sometimes he was completely different. I think ... I've listened to a few different coaches and a few different guys that were on the show that have had interviews about it and it's almost universal that you hear how you hear people describe him is bipolar. I mean, like, you don't know what you're gonna get. Each day was different. He was either going to be eccentric and over the top and you're almost like 'Is this guy coked up right now?' or he would be laid back and he would kind of just blend into the back."

He also said that his temper was unpredictable too, "You never knew if you were going to get a nice guy, or a not so nice guy."

Gibson didn't say if there was anything deeper than that between them but did tease more drama to come. And, he made it clear McGregor was not the coach he would have wanted to have over the course of filming.

"I don't really have a lot of respect for Conor as a man," he said. "To me, like a coach is someone who is going to try to guide you and has your best interest at heart. It should be someone you probably respect."

The Ultimate Fighter episode 3 airs on Tuesday on ESPN+ starting at 7 pm PT.

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