TUF 31 winner reveals several practices were canceled after Conor McGregor no-showed (Video)

Kurt Holobaugh was holding nothing back when revealed that Conor McGregor's team often had practices canceled when he wouldn't show up.
Team Conor McGregor
Team Conor McGregor / Instagram

More and more stories have been coming out about Conor McGregor's presence (and lack of) during the filming of The Ultimate Fighter season 31.

The latest intel comes from TUF 31 lightweight tournament winner Kurt Holobaugh who spoke with BJPENN Radio.

“No, he definitely missed a lot,” Holobaugh said of McGregor being gone from filming. “I don’t think he showed up to one weigh-in. I know there were several times where they may have canceled their practices.”

Keep in mind that Holobaugh was actually on Michael Chandler's team, so his insight is a bit secondhand.

“I remember sometimes the guys would get all the way to the APEX, our team in a sense enjoyed it when they would go because we loved the hours we had,” he said. “We had 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. and they had 12 p.m. and 6 p.m., so by the time we would get back to the house just before six, that is when we had time to cook and shower, there weren’t many people in the house, chill in the hot tub.”

He continued, “All of a sudden they came back in several times and we thought they were training and they said they canceled it. There were quite of few times Conor didn’t show and Conor canceled practices. I definitely think he could have been way more involved than he was.”

Cody Gibson didn't have the best experience with Conor McGregor during TUF 31 filming

FanSided MMA spoke to several athletes on the show, Aaron McKenzie, Cody Gibson, and Roosevelt Roberts and they had a mixed bag on their interactions with McGregor.

Gibson seemed to be the one with the most gripe towards McGregor.

"It's been an accurate portrayal, I guess," Gibson said of the first two episodes so far. "They didn't show Conor staying at the house until two in the morning the night of that haircut. I was pissed off because I had to weigh in the next morning and I just couldn't go to sleep because you've got this Irish guy running through the house screaming until two in the morning. So I was a little uh ... I think his Instagram documented that better than The Ultimate Fighter ever did."

Gibson also referred to McGregor as "coked out" during filming.

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