Tom Aspinall wants Jon Jones to be stripped of UFC heavyweight title (Video)

Tom Aspinall doesn't understand why Jon Jones wasn't stripped of his heavyweight title.

Tom Aspinall
Tom Aspinall / Julian Finney/GettyImages

Tom Aspinall has only been UFC interim champion for a week but he's already making headlines with some of his controversial thoughts. But this one might take the cake.

Aspinall thinks UFC heavyweight champion Jon Jones should have been stripped of his title after pulling out of his UFC 295 fight with Stipe Miocic.

“I think Jon Jones should be stripped from the title, to be honest, because everyone else does when they get injured like that,” Aspinall told Michael Bisping on his YouTube channel.

“I don’t see why he’s still got it, I don’t understand that. I should be the real champion right now.”

Two UFC light heavyweight champions relinquished their titles when injuries forced them out of their fights. Both Jiri Prochazka and Jamahal Hill dropped their titles while they took extensive time off to recover.

The previously planned fight with Jones and Miocic is still in the gameplan, according to UFC president Dana White, which means Aspinall would need to wait for that fight to happen before he could hope to unify his title and become undisputed.

“It’s hard to say without sounding rude, but who [is asking] about Jon Jones and Stipe anymore. Why do we get this legacy fight? And they get to live by their own rules? What’s a legacy fight — a retirement fight for a title? I want to fight Stipe and then I want to fight Jon Jones," he said. “I think all this other stuff is rubbish. Stop protecting him now, stop protecting your boy Jon Jones at the top. If he’s injured, get out of the way and I’ll fight Stipe.”

Jones is expected to be aout at least six to nine months due to an injury he suffered to his pectoral muscle just weeks before he was meant to fight in New York City. Aspinall stepped in on short notice and knocked out Sergei Pavlovich in just 69 seconds.

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