Themba Gorimbo shares DMs after Kiefer Crosbie pulls out of fight

Themba Gorimbo and Kiefer Crosbie trade jabs on social media after canceled fight.
Themba Gorimbo
Themba Gorimbo / Gabe Ginsberg/GettyImages

On Jan. 4 it was reported that Kiefer Crosbie had pulled out of his Feb. 3 fight with Themba Gorimbo. After the news was broken, Gorimbo shared a DM from his would-have-been opponent.

"It’s never nice to hear opponent got injured," Gorimbo tweeted along with several screenshots. "This guy had so much to say about me and now i guess he needs the insurance. Lesson is ( don’t be a hater ) Be Lekker and good things shall come your way. Case closed."

In one screenshot, you see Gorimbo's comment on Crosbie's Instagram post. The initial instagram posted on Nov. 21, 2023, reads, "I hope your daddy @therock bought you life insurance to go along with that gaf you little moocher because I’m coming for that head!"

Crosbie is poking fun at Gorimbo who was gifted a home by Dwayne Johnson after announcing he had just $7 in his bank account.

Crosbie also posted several follow-up comments on the post, including "Here @therock I’m looking at a few 5 bedroom chats in dalkey overlooking the sea atm, check your DMs" and "I would tag him on this post but he already has me blocked on all platforms 1 nil to me so far."

On Jan. 4, Gorimbo commented on that post writing, "It’s funny what happens when you have is so much to say about someone whom you don’t even know then go on to pull out of the fight. Unlike you I wish you nothing but recovery from whatever it is that was injured. (yes it’s fight business but try watch a little on what you put out. You now need the medical insurance. Good luck with everything in your life. (we all not perfect but spread love not hate. Be yourself. Your mind think you selling a fight that is on a fight night is mind blowing) There can only be one Connor my man. Anyways bye."

After that comment was left, Crosbie DM'd Gorimbo writing, "Relax yourself mate I'm injured. This is the fight game, our job is to entertain and fight don't take things so serious. We can fight in a couple of months when I am healthy."

Gorimbo replied, "There is entertainment and disrespect. You must relax yourself. I guess the lesson didn't sink in."

It's unclear if they will find another fight for Gorimbo or if they will just rebook Gorimbo and Crosbie at a later date.

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