Someone finally pissed off Sage Northcutt

  • Sage Nortcutt is fighting back against ONE Championship
  • ONE Championship claims Northcutt withdrew from his fight at the last minute
  • He says he's going to be revealing more things about the MMA promotion
Sage Northcutt
Sage Northcutt / Elsa/GettyImages

Sage Northcutt is the friendliest fighter of all time. Absolutely nothing seems to bother him and he always has a smile on his face and an upbeat attitude.

Until now.

Northcutt's recent fight with Shinya Aoki was canceled at the last moment due to "unforeseen issues" according to ONE Championship.

But Northcutt has a different story about how everything went down.

"One Championship is implying that I pulled out of the Shinya fight for unforeseen circumstances," he wrote on Facebook." That is completely inaccurate. I sent One Championship the necessary paperwork they required to get my coaches visas 48 days ahead of the event. I was told by them over the phone and by text my main jujitsu coach Fabio Prado did not need a visa since I paid for his airfare flights and trip so he was not classified as a working employee that needed a visa and that my other coach could get in as a tourist so he didn’t need one either. My coaches were there for almost a week, and I was not informed that two of them could not coach until hours before my match. I received a text from an unknown number that texted me for the first time that day that was a ticket salesman asking me about getting my two coaches complimentary tickets to watch my fight in the audience."

Sage Northcutt unloads on ONE Championship after fight controversy: 'There has been a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes'

One Championship is implying that I pulled out of the Shinya fight for unforeseen circumstances. That is completely...

Posted by Sage Northcutt on Thursday, February 8, 2024

He continued writing, "I personally believe that One Championship was not going to inform me that my coaches were not allowed to corner me until I arrived at the arena to fight if I did not hear from a ticket salesman hours earlier. We were also told hours before my match that if my coaches violated the visa requirements and were caught on camera, they could be arrested and there was a 99.8% conviction rate on all arrests. I made it clear to One Championship that I was not flying from America to Japan if I didn’t have my three coaches. I was told before I left to Japan by an executive that I would not have to fight without my coaches. They knew before I left that I would not be able to have two of my coaches. They never told me my coaches could be thrown in prison for any visa violation."

ONE Championship has been in the spotlight lately for its financial issues and contracts with fighters. Northcutt also said he has more he plans to reveal about the promotion soon.

"There has been a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes with One Championship with what caused me to withdraw from my last fight as well as other things that I will talk about at a later time on Facebook, Instagram, and with media outlets." He then listed several topics he wanted to discuss including drug testing, weight cutting policies, the roster and the promotions stability."

Northcutt left the UFC in November 2018 but has only fought twice under the banner due first to a brutal injury, then due to the COVID shutdown.

We'll be watching him closely to see what other things he reveals in the coming weeks.


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