Sean Strickland, Gordon Ryan, and others comment on Epstein's client list

Even the MMA community is interested in who is on the controversial Epstein client list.
Gordon Ryan
Gordon Ryan / Amy Kaplan - FanSided

Everyone is talking about the names that are appearing on the "Epstein client list" even combat sports athletes.

The "list" is really just hundreds of formerly private documents that are being unsealed little by little. According to the Associated Press, the high-profile names being "revealed" have already been leaked to the public, which is why the documents were allowed to be published in the first place.

"The plan to release the documents had that they contained a list of 'clients or 'co-conspirators,' and misinformation about their contents is continuing to circulate on social media," the AP reported.

In reality, there is no list, despite several inaccurate or false lists being thrown around on social media.

That didn't stop the MMA community from weighing in on the topic.

One of the names wrapped up in the scandal is former US President Bill Clinton, whom UFC middleweight champion Sean Strickland thinks should be in jail.

"Shock and awe of Bill Clinton being a pedophile.Nothing is going to happen to him, nothing will happen to any of these f*cks," Strickland tweeted. "Epstein didn't kill himself. 2 broken cameras, sleeping guards... You can go down the list of the elites crimes. Zero punishment. Bring back the rope."

GOAT BJJ athlete Gordon Ryan made a statement on Instagram that caused many fans to wonder if he was making excuses for someone.

"Has no one said this yet? Just because you fly to an extravagant island owned by a billionaire who used to traffic kids doesn't automatically make you a pedophile or know about his operations," he wrote.

If you are looking for more information about Jeffrey Epstein and the crimes he's been accused of, the Associate Press did an incredible in-depth breakdown on everything you need to know.

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