Every angle of the Sean Strickland and Dricus du Plessis UFC 296 altercation (Video)

Sean Strickland and Dricus du Plessis get in a fight in the stands at UFC 296.
Sean Strickland
Sean Strickland /

Sean Strickland and Dricus du Plessis couldn't wait for their fight at UFC 297. The two middleweights got into a fight in the stands at UFC 296 and had to be separated.

Following the Paddy Pimblett and Tony Ferguson fight, the two were shown on camera with Strickland seated a few rounds in front of du Plessis. As the camera cut away, UFC commentator Joe Rogan let the audience know that Strickland and du Plessis had been involved in an altercation. They also teased that they would be showing the footage later in the PPV.

While the UFC cameras didn't show exactly what happened. Thankfully, there is the internet and fan videos that soon circulated on Twitter.

The incident at UFC 296 will certainly add heat to the fight at UFC 297. The UFC will likely use the footage of the fight in the crowd between the two in the promotional videos leading up to the event.

After the incident, du Plessis took to Twitter to react to the incident.

"Now I understand why you have a 33% finish rate, you hit like a girl, also 20 January the security won’t be there to save your life when I’m on top," he tweeted. He also used the hashtag "rent free".

Strickland also tweeted, though he didn't directly mention the altercation.

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