Sean Strickland defends fans in Jon Anik debate

  • Jon Anik spoke out about the treatment he's getting from MMA fans
  • Sean Strickland is taking the side of his fans
  • The fans are debating each side in the comments
Sean Strickland and Jon Anik
Sean Strickland and Jon Anik / Getty

This week fan favorite UFC commentator Jon Anik said he was considering leaving MMA due to the overwhelming negative interactions he's had with fans.

He cited fans coming for him after his thoughts on Dricus Du Plessis defeating Sean Strickland at UFC 297.

"Even if you and I thought Dricus Du Plessis won the fight we try to present that information respectfully," he said on his podcast The Anik & Florian podcast. "And when I go on to X or I go on to YouTube comments it seems like a lot of these fans are just in attack mode. And I don't know if these fans are casual fans or not but I appreciate the passion. But I'm getting to a point at 45 years of age where I dont know how much time I have left in this MMA space because if I go do pro football like I'm not necessarily going to be dealing with this lowest common denominator all the time."

Now Strickland has weighed in and, honestly, his response is exactly how we thought it would be.

"What id say to Jon Anik calling mma fans 'The lowest common denominator' These people are way you have a paycheck, and you make way more than most... Maybe the NFL is a better choice for you than MMA.... Also you guys are a bunch of savage c-nts.. I'm here for it.....," he tweeted.

Fans in the comments of the tweet were split, half taking Anik's side and the other supporting Strickland.

Strickland's supporters wrote, "we love you sean ppl are to soft these days they get to comfortable while sitting on tv etc..." and "Come on now, we all knew he was soft. Good at his job, but soft.

Anik supporters said, "Sean you are the people's champ and we love you but back off Jon Anik. The UFC isn't what it is without Jon Anik and I can promise you, we the fans cannot afford losing him. He is the heart of the UFC."

Another person wrote, "jon anik own u."

Whatever happens it clear there is a beef brewing between Strickland and Anik and we are here with the popcorn ready.


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