Was Ryan Garcia really injured before fighting Gervonta Davis?

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Following his KO loss to Gervonta Davis this past weekend, Ryan Garcia claims he was hurt prior to the bout.

The biggest fight of the year and perhaps one of the biggest fights we have seen in quite some time, two undefeated and hugely popular prospects met in the ring to settle their differences. Gervonta Davis and Ryan Garcia had called each other out at every opportunity for the past two years and this weekend finally saw who many believe to be the future faces of boxing go head to head inside the ring.

While the anticipation for the clash was at an all-time high, perhaps we should've listened to the experts and casinos who believed Davis was in for a monumental win. That's exactly what happened as Davis connected with a devastating left body shot to Garcia's liver, finishing the fight in the 7th round, solidifying his spot as the present and the future of boxing.

Garcia seemed calm and collected following the loss despite all that was on the line. A pair of videos and pictures emerged online following the event of the two adversaries hanging out, sharing telephone numbers, and even praising each other.

This was not meant to last as Garcia was quick to jump on Instagram to blame his loss on a sparring partner leaking information to Davis' camp. In the story, Garcia blames this 'mole' for letting Davis know of Garcia's pre-fight injury he had sustained to his stomach, leading to the assumption that it wasn't the power of Davis that got him down but rather a pre-fight wound.

Is the 'mole' the real reason why Ryan Garcia lost to Gervonta Davis?

One could say that it indeed was a pre-fight injury that made Garcia so hesistant throughout the fight. A boxer who usually aims to use his elite punching speed and power to overwhelm his opponents, we really only saw the aggressive Garcia come out during the second round.

Of course, that is the round that Garcia was dropped in after an overhand left connected flush on his face. He retreated back to his more hesitant approach in the following rounds before getting caught with a 'ghost punch' to the liver that ended his night.

It has to be said that in real time, the punch that eventually ended Garcia's night was almost invicible to the human eye. After a flurry of punches from both fighters, they separated and Garcia took a few steps back before taking a knee. It seemed likely that he would get up but he was counted out much to the shock of the audience.

Everyone in the arena and at home was in disbelief that the fight billed 'It Doesn't Get Any Better Than This' ended with a 'fluke' punch. Garcia, in the midst of getting called a 'quitter' and 'soft' by the majority of boxing fans who have never taken a shot straight to the liver, blamed his sparring partner for both injuring his stomach AND leaking this information to Davis. The mole in question is Tsendbaatar Erdenebat, who did in fact state that he was the man who injured Garcia.

Whether this is a PR stunt by Garcia's team following the reaction from fans on his KO loss or if it is legitimately the reason why he lost remains to be seen. One thing is for sure, that body shot looked way worse in slow motion and whether Garcia was injured or not, it was good enough to put him away.

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