Ryan Garcia comedy act, Brian Ortega going to 155, Johnny Walker reacts to knockout

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Ryan Garcia
Ryan Garcia / Richard Pelham/GettyImages

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Ryan Garcia made a surprise appearance on stage at the Laugh Factory

THE NEWS: Ryan Garcia was recently suspended from boxing for one year due to a failed drug test and somehow found his way on stage at the Laugh Factory. He got the microphone and started rambling, forgot his jokes, and just shadow-boxed instead.

MY THOUGHTS: Where are his people? Who is taking care of Ryan clearly, they aren't doing a good job. He needs help, professional help. And it's sad to see him doing something embarrassing every day.

Brian Ortega is going to 155 pounds after UFC 303

THE NEWS: Brian Ortega told MMA Junkie that before he was offered the short-notice 145-pound fight with Diego Lopes, he's been preparing to move to 155 pounds for the UFC Sphere card. “We talked about fighting Sept. 14 at Sphere – that’s the only conversation I had with them that made sense (about what’s next),” Ortega said. “I said yes to it. They said yes to it. We all got excited and that was kind of in the world. They told me my weight class had no one that they wanted me to fight. They didn’t really want me to fight contenders and stuff, so I decided to move to 155. (We had a name), but I can’t say it. It might still happen. And I hope it does.”

MY THOUGHTS: It feels dangerous announcing anything about what's happening next before you get through what's in front of you. Ortega knows better than anyone (or should) how quickly things change. I hope we do see him at 155 pounds but keep it to yourself until its official my guy.

Johnny Walker gives first statement since knockout loss

THE NEWS: Johnny Walker was knocked out on Saturday at UFC Saudi Arabia and posted his first statement since the loss. “I’m good. Just a little scratch on my lips,” Walker said in a video posted to his Instagram account on Sunday. “… I just arrived at home with my little champ. It wasn’t a really good night for me. I don’t know what happened. I’m going to have to figure out and watch the fights again and see what I did. I don’t think I feel my head in the right place for the fight. I was feeling amazing. (I had) a really good camp. I felt really strong. Everything was good."

MY THOUGHTS: I don't really know where we go with Johnny Walker. He's constantly getting knocked out but he always seems to find a way to battle back. Many would say it's his time to retire, but I just don't think it is. A chance in weights doesn't quite make sense either. Only Walker will know what's best for him.