Raul Rosas Jr. vs. Ricky Turcios re-booking may not be a go after all

  • Raul Rosas Jr. vs. Ricky Turcios was supposed to happen at UFC Mexico
  • Due to an illness the fight was called off and re-booked for next week
  • Ricky says he has not agreed to the fight
Raul Rosas Jr.
Raul Rosas Jr. / Sean M. Haffey/GettyImages

Raul Rosas Jr. and Ricky Turcios were supposed to fight on the UFC Mexico main card on Feb. 24 but just minutes before the fighters were set to walk out the broadcast announced Rosas Jr had fallen ill and the fight was being postponed.

The broadcast also announced the fight was getting worked o being moved to UFC Vegas 87, one week later in Las Vegas. White later confirmed the fight would take place at a catchweight bout the following week.

But not so fast.

According to Turcios, he has not agreed to the new fight just yet.

Ricky Turcios says he has not agreed to a rebooking with Raul Rosas Jr.

“Fake news. No fight contract has been signed yet for a new date. Last night Rosas Jr. said no fight literally five minutes before the walk out to fight in the octagon. Rosas Jr. said no to facing me in the octagon in front of his 20,000 Mexican fans in Mexico City. Rosas Jr. disrespected the Bushido code... very unprofessional.”

After the fight was called off Raul Rosas Sr. took to Facebook Stories to explain that it was the team who made the call to pull the fight, not his son. He said they were warming up in the locker room even minutes before. A viral photo of Rosas Jr. laying in the backstage area has circulated the internet since the announcement.

We'll update when and if the fight news has been updated.


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