Predicting all 6 PFL Finals match-ups ahead of the PFL Playoffs

Here's who we think will win each of the PFL Playoff fights and advance to the PFL Finals in 2023.

PFL fighters in 2023
PFL fighters in 2023 /
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2023 featherweight PFL Playoff match-ups

No. 1 Bubba Jenkins vs. No. 4 Jesus Pinedo

This just feels like the year of Bubba Jenkins. It's disappointing he won't get a chance to prove himself against Brendan Loughnane but the next best thing will be to defeat the man who knocked him out of the playoffs - Jesus Pinedo. This fight should be easy work for Jenkins.

No. 2 Gabriel Braga vs. No. 3 Movlid Khaybulaev

Movlid Khaybulaev has been parroting the same thing over and over, if he'd been allowed to compete in 2022, he'd be champion. And I'm half a mind to believe him. He's technically going up against the better fighter in Gabriel Braga, but I think if Khaybulaev can get Braga to the ground early, he'll be cashing his ticket to the Finals alongside Jenkins.

PREDICTION FOR FINALS: Bubba Jenkins vs. Movlid Khaybulaev