PFL Paris live stream: How to watch in the United States

Everything you need to know about how to watch PFL Paris in the United States.
Paris street scene
Paris street scene / Kiran Ridley/GettyImages

If you've found yourself here, you are probably wondering how you can watch PFL Paris (aka the 2023 PFL Europe Playoffs). Cédric Doumbé is making his promotional debut and there are several playoff bouts with European favorites.

But we've got some bad news and some potentially good news.

The bad news is that there's no official, legitimate stream for US viewers. PFL Europe airs on DAZN but for pretty much everywhere except the United States. But before you start throwing things, there might be some options.

The next best try is using a VPN from one of the non-restricted countries and viewing on DAZN that way. Keep in mind though that the broadcast may air in that countries native language and could be difficult to access. But for those tech-savvy, it could be an option.

For those more technically challenged (me) here's some instructions for using a VPN to watch fights.

PFL Europe Playoffs fight card

  • Cedric Doumbé (France) vs. Jordan Zebo (France)
  • Abdoul Abdouraguimov (France) vs. Brad Wheeler (England)
  • Anthony Salamone (France) vs. Jakob Nedoh (Slovenia)
  • Simeon Powell (England) vs. Abdellah Er-Ramy (Spain)
  • Dakota Ditcheva (England) vs. Cornelia Holm (Sweden)
  • Yazid Chouchane (France) vs. Luigi Vendramini (Switzerland)
  • Laureano Staropoli (Argentina) vs. Baba Boundjou Nadjombe (Togo)
  • Ali Taleb (Sweden) vs. Khurshed Kakhorov (Germany)
  • Frans Mlambo (Ireland) vs. Francesco Nuzzi (Italy)
  • Dylan Tuke (Ireland) vs. Jakub Kaszuba (Poland)
  • John Mitchell (Ireland) vs. Alex Chizov (Latvia)
  • Valentina Scatizzi (Italy) vs. Manuela Marconetto (Italy)
  • Shanelle Dyer (England) vs. Luisa Fernanda Cifuentes (Colombia)

Whatever happens, we'll be updating the results and adding highlights in case you aren't able to watch.

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