PFL Paris: Cedric Doumbe vs. Jordan Zebo European playoff weigh-in results

Everything you need to know about the 2023 European playoff weigh-ins which took place in Paris, France.
Jordan Zebo (L) and Cedric Doumbe (R)
Jordan Zebo (L) and Cedric Doumbe (R) / PFL

The PFL European Playoffs are officially set for Paris, France on Saturday. On Friday all fighters weighed in for their respective matches, with a few athletes tipping the scales and altering their futures with the promotion.

In the lightweight bout previously scheduled between Alex Chizov and John Mitchell, Chizov missed weight. The alternate Geisym Derouiche has replaced him. Also, Manuela Marconetto missed weight in her fight with Valentina Scatizzi. As such, Scatizzi will move on with a walkover win and advance to the PFL Europe Championship

Headlining the event is someone American fans have been paying attention to, Cedric Doumbe who fights Jordan Zebo in a showcase bout.

PFL Paris weigh-in results

  • Cedric Doumbe (169.9) vs. Jordan Zebo (170.8)
  • Abdoul Abdouraguimov (178.5) vs. Brad Wheeler (180.7) - catchweight
  • Anthony Salamone (206) vs. Jakob Nedoh (206) - Light heavyweight semifinal
  • Simeon Powell (205.9) vs. Daniel Ladero (205) - Light heavyweight semifinal
  • Dakota Ditcheva (124.7) vs. Cornelia Holm (125.6) - Women’s flyweight semifinal
  • Yazid Chouchane (156) vs. Henrique Madureira (154)
  • Laureano Staropoli (180.7) vs. Baba Nadjombe (178.1) - catchweight
  • Ali Taleb (134) vs. Khurshed Kakhorov (136) - Bantamweight semifinal
  • Frans Mlambo (135.3) vs. Mokhtar Benkaci (134.9) - Bantamweight semifinal
  • Dylan Tuke (155.4) vs. Jakub Kaszuba (155.2) - Lightweight semifinal
  • John Mitchell (155.6) vs. Geisym Derouiche (156) - Lightweight semifinal
  • Valentina Scatizzi vs. Manuela Marconetto
  • Shanelle Dyer (125.4) vs. Luisa Cifuentes (126) 

How to watch PFL Paris in the United States?

The bad news is that there's no official, legitimate stream for US viewers. PFL Europe airs on DAZN internationally for pretty much everywhere except the United States. But there might be some alternate options if you are willing to work a little bit.

The next best try is using a VPN from one of the non-restricted countries and viewing on DAZN that way. Keep in mind though that the broadcast may air in that countries native language and could be difficult to access. But for those tech-savvy, it could be an option.

For those more technically challenged (me) here's some instructions for using a VPN to watch fights.

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