Is Ronda Rousey ever coming back to the UFC?

  • Ronda Rousey is the WMMA GOAT
  • She retired from MMA years ago, but could she make a return?
  • MMA fans think she could come back at UFC 300.
Ronda Rousey Hosts Media Day Ahead Of The Rousey Vs. Holm Fight
Ronda Rousey Hosts Media Day Ahead Of The Rousey Vs. Holm Fight / Earl Gibson III/GettyImages

13 years ago UFC president Dana White notoriously said that women would never fight in the UFC. At the time, he was pretty adamant about it, but then he met Ronda Rousey.

Rousey was a champion in Strikeforce and was dominating her opponents with her notorious move, the armbar. Rousey came from a judo royalty background, her mother was an Olympic judoka and Rousey herself won a medal in judo in the Olympics as well.

White invited her to join the UFC, made her champion of the bantamweight division, and the rest was history. Following a very dominant career, Rousey fell into some hard times inside the Octagon and decided to walk away. Despite her absence over the past few years, fans are still looking for a return from their favorite fighter. 

Could Ronda Rousey make a shock return at UFC 300?

The question is will Rousey ever return to fighting in the UFC?

Like most fighters, Rousey hated to lose. Her tough attitude was what most fans liked about her but if she was to fight again, she would be fighting to win. She was not one to stick around just to compete or make money, she would want to be champion. If Rousey was to return it would be under those pretenses.

Following her UFC career, Rousey joined the WWE. She became a big part of the wrestling storyline and was involved in some very big matches, including Wrestlemania. She recently put that endeavor aside as well to welcome her first child with her husband Travis Browne. Browne and Rousey own a farm and sell beef and chicken.

Rousey still dabbles in wrestling although not with the WWE. She has joined some smaller shows and has been seen working out on her social media pages. Despite no real confirmation of her impending return, there are constant rumors that she could return. If she does decide to make a return at 36 years old, now would arguably be the best time to do it.

With the retirement of Amanda Nunes, the UFC bantamweight division talent pool seems to be the shallowest it has been in some time. With UFC 300 quickly approaching that could be the marquee PPV the UFC needs to entice her back. Right now the belt is being held by Raquel Pennington, a former protégé of Rousey’s on The Ultimate Fighter. Perhaps if the cards fall into place she could find herself in a place to regain her title and finally go out on top.


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