MMA Twitter shook after MMA fighter bites his opponent, fight called off

Igor Severino was disqualified after biting his opponent Andre Lima in their fight on the prelims at UFC Vegas 89.

UFC fighter bite mark
UFC fighter bite mark / UFC

In the second fight at UFC Vegas 89 a fighter was disqualified after biting his opponent in the middle of the fight. Igor Severino was in a headlock when Andre Lima began protesting something to the referee. Some confusion occurred when it was revealed that Severino may have bitten Lima. After a brief conference with the referees, the fight was called off.

The broadcasters protested the decision because in the replay it wasn't clear if a bite occurred and they felt a warning should have been given first. But then the camera panned onto the arm of Lima and there was a huge mark with clear teeth marks and they suddenly changed their tune, and rightly so. It was a blantant foul and the right call was mande.

The bite looked deep and even broke the skin which is shocking considering he was wearing a mouth guard too.

After the fight Lima referred to the fight as a "David vs. Goliath" style fight, him being the smaller fighter.

MMA Twitter, who has seen it all, took to their timelines to react to the wild moment.

MMA Twitter calls for Igor Severino to be fired after biting controversy

Pro fighters also reacted the moment.

Many felt that Lima was heading towards a win anyway and his undefeated streak remains intact. Lima was making his UFC debut after winning his contract in the Contender Series in October 2023.

Severino was also making his UFC debut after winning his contract on the Contender Series in September. Many fans are calling for him to be stripped of his contract and sent out of the UFC. We'll see if UFC president Dana White has any thoughts about it.

You can follow along live with us for the rest of the card here.