MMA Twitter roasts Conor McGregor after fact-checking his latest tweet

Conor McGregor made a bold claim on Twitter and the fans were right there to put him in his place.
Conor McGregor
Conor McGregor / Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Fans are not going to let Conor McGregor get away with nonsense.

On Saturday McGregor tweeted that he is "undefeated in the UFC against anyone with the courage to rematch."

Which we all know is just blatantly untrue.

First of all, McGregor is not undefeated, he currently holds a 22-6 record. Secondly, even if we go by his weird "anyone with the courage to rematch" clause, that isn't true either. McGregor los back-to-back fights with Dustin Poirier, in their rematch.

Fans took to the comments of the post to set McGregot straight.

Fans blast Conor McGregor for wildly incorrect tweet

"Dustin?" someone asked. "I mean didn’t Dustin beat you in a rematch?" someone else asked and someone added, "twice."

"Not a legend in my books," someone wrote. Another fan tweeted, "If you ignore Connors 4 losses he’s clearly undefeated."

Someone else joked about his weird parameters tweeting, "I'm undefeated when I fight on the second Saturday of single-digit months when the average temperature is 87° during a full moon if it's within a week of the fight"

McGregor is supposed to be returning to the Octagon soon against Michael Chandler but with no fight officially announced we all know anything could happen.

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