Dustin Poirier thinks Conor McGregor is 'making a joke' of USADA

Dustin Poirier thinks a mockery is being made of USADA should they grant Conor McGregor a testing exemption.
UFC 257: Dustin Poirier vs Conor McGregor
UFC 257: Dustin Poirier vs Conor McGregor / Handout/GettyImages

No other UFC fighter knows Conor McGregor quite like Dustin Poirier does. The pair have fought three times (Poirier 2, McGregor 1) and Poirier knows how McGregor operates.

So when Poirier has thoughts about McGregor, the fans listen.

“I like USADA, and I do think they’re doing a good job of cleaning up our sport,” Poirier told MMA News. “But for me, if they waive that (six-month testing period) and allow him to compete with no drug testing, it kind of just makes a joke of the whole thing. Just remove it completely. There shouldn’t be gray areas. It’s white and black with USADA, you take tests and pass them, you’re able to compete. You don’t take tests, you don’t compete.

McGregor is rumored to be facing Michael Chandler in December, but only if he's given an exemption from the USADA six-month testing period. The exemption was granted before when Brock Lesnar returned for UFC 200 and that didn't go exactly as planned. Lesnar tested positive for PEDs and his win over Mark Hunt was overturned.

Poirier doesn't want to see something like that happen again.

Dustin Poirier isn't 'sh*tting on USADA' or the UFC with recent USADA comments

“There was never a gray area before. We’ll see what happens. I’m not sh*tting on the UFC, I’m not sh*tting on USADA. I don’t want to accuse or say things about either company without them making an official decision. I don’t know what they’re going to do with Conor and the drug testing thing. But if they do allow him to compete without drug testing, they’re making a whole joke of USADA.”

And even though there's no love lost between Poirier and McGregor, he's thinking of the former two-division champions legacy when he made these comments.

“I’m sure it would if he got busted for using steroids,” Poirier said on McGregor's legacy being affected. “But also, he was in the USADA protocol when he was doing great things, so he was passing tests when he was still making incredible things happen in the octagon.

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