MMA Twitter roasts Colby Covington after shocking Jon Anik threat

UFC 268: Usman v Covington 2
UFC 268: Usman v Covington 2 / Mike Stobe/GettyImages

MMA Twitter is not going to let Colby Covington get away with threatening the life of beloved broadcaster Jon Anik.

There is probably no one in the UFC more universally loved and respected quite like broadcaster Jon Anik. He's smart, respectful, put together and not in the least bit controversial. The same cannot be said for Colby Covington who might just be the polar opposite of Anik.

And even though fans aren't all that surprised when Covington slams his opponents, a recent interview where he threatened Anik really did shock MMA Twitter.

Covington took offense to Anik tweeting that he felt like Belal Muhammad should get the next title shot, not Covington. But instead of just saying it he said he wanted Anik's kids to grow up without a father.

“So, you wanted to lick my frickin’ balls in London, ‘Oh Colby! This, this, this!’” Covington said in a hilarious moment of self censorship during a recent interview on MMA Fighting. “But then you want to go back behind the stage and cheerlead for a racist! So he associates with racism and Belal Muhammad.

“And, you know, Jon Anik, dude, I don’t want your kids to grow up without a dad. Just realize you live in Boca, I live in Miami motherfucker. You’re not too far from me. So you better shut your fucking mouth. You poke the bear? Now you get the bear comes after you.”

When MMA Twitter caught wind of the threats, they stepped up in full force to condemn Covington's threat.

MMA Twitter slams 'trash bag' Colby Covington after threatening to kill Jon Anik

Even several fighters stepped up to protect Anik.

Muhammad even spoke up in defense of Anik when speaking with MMA Fighting.

“You’re coming at a guy like Jon Anik, who is the nicest guy in the world, and why? Because Jon Anik gave me an interview?” Muhammad said. “You’re calling him a racist. You’re calling him this and you’re threatening a guy like Jon Anik? I told Jon, I texted Jon and I said I can’t wait to come to Miami in two weeks because I’m cornering my teammate Ignacio Bahamondes, and I wish I see Colby there. I wish that he even looks at Jon in a certain way of disrespect. I swear I’m going to walk right up to him and slap him right in his mouth."

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