MMA Twitter reacts to Sean Strickland political office announcement

  • Sean Strickland lost his UFC title at UFC 297
  • Now he wants to run for political office
  • MMA Twitter reacts to the news
UFC 297: Strickland v Du Plessis
UFC 297: Strickland v Du Plessis / Vaughn Ridley/GettyImages

Former UFC middleweight champion Sean Strickland wants to run for political office and for some, that's a terrifying thought.

Strickland announced the idea on Twitter, just a few days shy of losing his UFC title to Dricus Du Plessis at UFC 297.

"After I'm done fighting in a few years and I'm sitting on a big pile of money I probably will run for some public office position... ill never win but I'd rather do something I care about instead of starting a CBD company lmao," he tweeted.

"Could you picture me sitting across from AOC as she's telling everyone why children should be able to castrate themselves?! Come on you guys... You know one day you will need that in your life," he tweeted in a follow up.

Strickland has been known for his controversial comments and opinions including his recent run-in with a journalist where he spouted some rather homophobic ideals. He also said women should not have jobs and should not be allowed to vote, among many other things.

Most of the comments on Strickland's tweet were supportive, as you'd imagine from people following him. But there were several comments opposed to the idea.

"If this dude won any public office in the US, that would be a Testament to how far down this country is falling," someone tweeted.

MMA Twitter has mixed views on Sean Strickland's political ambitions

Thankfully Strickland only seems interested in a political career once his MMA one is over, so we probably have a few years to get him on a different path.


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