MMA Twitter reacts to controversial stoppage of Biaggio Ali Walsh fight (VIDEO)

Biaggio Ali Walsh got another win but this time it wasn't as cut and dry as the rest.
Biaggio Ali Walsh
Biaggio Ali Walsh / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

On Wednesday night Biaggio Ali Walsh, the grandson of Muhammad Ali, secured another finish inside the PFL cage. But unlike his previous knockouts, this one came with some controversy.

In the first round Ali Walsh nearly stopped his fight with Ed Davis with a wild flurry in the final seconds but the bell rang and he went to the first second round of his PFL career. In that round he landed a strike which dropped Davis and then followed it up with graound and pound before the refree stepped in to stop the fight.

Davis immediately protested the stoppage, and MMA Twitter agreed.

MMA Twitter reacts to 'sketchy' stoppage in Biaggio Ali Walsh fight

When it came time for Ali Walsh to take the mic he also admitted it was probably too early, and apologized he couldn't go another round to prove himself.

This bout was an amateur fight.