MMA Twitter in a frenzy after bloody come-from-behind win for Elves Brener over Guram Kutateladze (Video)

Elves Brener defeats Guram Kutateladze in a massive upset TKO comeback victory at UFC Vegas 76.

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Guram Kutateladze vs Evles Brener delivered the carnage - and then some! The bloody war ended up delivering a massive upset, with the +440 DraftKings underdog scoring the TKO victory in round 3 at UFC Vegas 76.

Kutateladze nearly finished the fight at the end of the first round - stunning Brener and leaving the Brazilian in desperation mode. In round two, Brener recovered nicely but was badly bloodied from a series of brutal elbows from the Georgian. Kutateladze looked like he was going to take the win easily, being up 20-18 on all the judge's scorecards going into the third. Things were playing out exactly how the Vegas oddsmakers thought it would - but Brener had plans of his own.

Brener knew he needed to finish things in round 3 or he'd be going home with the loss. With Charles Oliveira in his corner, Brener knew that the fight ain't over until the final bell.

With Kutateladze slowing down, Brener poured on the pressure. The Brazilian was relentless, never giving up on himself. The result?

Brener landed a slick left hand that crumpled Kutateladze against the cage. The pace was too much, and with Kutateladze turtled up against the fence, the ref was forced to call the fight.

Not only was it an early frontrunner for Fight of the Night honors at UFC Vegas 76, it was one of the most impressive comebacks of the year.

In MMA, you can never count out the underdog.

The all-out battle sent MMA Twitter into a frenzy, with fighters and fans loving the beautiful violence.

Elves Brener's shocking comeback TKO over Guram Kutateladze sends MMA Twitter into frenzy

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