MMA community defends Jordan Burroughs after retirement match marred by totally classless fan (Video)

Jordan Burroughs is one of the best Olympic and collegiate wrestlers and deserves respect.
Jordan Burroughs
Jordan Burroughs / Tom Pennington/GettyImages

Jordan Burroughs competed in what is probably his last ever wrestling match and an idiotic fan ruined the emotional moment for him. In several videos posted to social media Burroughs was seen leaving the area when a fan yelled “career is over."

Burroughs stops and turns back and says something to the fan before giving up and walking to the locker room. If you aren't familiar with Burroughs he is the most decorated wrestler in US history. He's won more gold medals than we can count including an Olympic gold medal at the 2012 London Games. He is a a six-time world champion (nine-time medalist), three-time old medalist, multiple-time gold medalist in international tournaments, and an 11-time US Olympic or World Team Member. To say he's really good at wrestling would be an understatement.

When videos of the exchange began circulating online several people in the MMA community jumped to defend Burroughs. One of those people is former two-division UFC champion Daniel Cormier, who was also a highly decorated wrestler.

"What a piece of trash this guy is," Cormier tweeted about the disrespectful fan. "To yell go home to a guy who’s represented our country the right way for 13 years/ 7 world or Olympic titles is insane. This is why Arman punched that fan. People behave with no consequence. This dude possibly wrestled last match of his career and this is what you give him? I love how manning jumped to his guys defense. Sometimes I am so lost in the way people act. It’s mind boggling. JB you’re still the man. Time gets us all. Also Jason Nolf is a dog!"

Referee Marc Goddard also spoke up in defense of Burroughs. "Absolutely despicable. For someone as accomplished & revered as JB to hear this POS say that. Same as online anonymity, this is what certain people think they can get away with in a world of no consequence. Would they do the same in less public setting? We all know the answer."

Will Jordan Burroughs transition to MMA?

Many people have wondered if Burroughs will transition over to MMA when his wrestling career is over. This thought was fueled when Burroughs tweeted that he wanted to try MMA just once before his calls combat sports a wrap. But he's also been quoted as saying he isn't interested in MMA.

“In a wrestling match, if you lose you go have dinner with your family, if you lose an MMA fight you go to the hospital. So it’s something that I am not really interested in doing, but I will be an advocate for it, cause I love watching it," he said in 2021.

At this point in time no one really knows what Burroughs next step will be but we do that he's be welcomed with open arms in MMA if that's what he chooses.


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