Michael Chandler predicts he'll 'rip' Conor McGregor's head off when they finally fight (Video)

Michael Chandler says he's been 'frustrated' and 'annoyed' with Conor McGregor over fight negotiations and delays.
Michael Chandler
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The will-they or won't-they continues on between UFC's Conor McGregor and Michael Chandler. Their proposed fight has been pushed back month after month and, according to Chandler, he still doesn't have a date for the dance.

"I’m sorry, but I just don’t have any information," Chandler said while appearing on The MMA Hour. "Obviously, that [UFC 300] would be a dream scenario. That’s when I would like to fight, where I would like to fight, who I would want to fight. Chandler vs. Conor is happening. I don’t have a date or a location or a UFC number for you, but it’s definitely going to happen next year."

Part of the delay in making the fight was McGregor's reluctance to re-enter the USADA testing pool. The push and pull between McGregor and the anti-doping agency even caused the UFC to aprt ways with the long time drug testing partner.

“Obviously he joined USADA, got back in the USADA testing pool," Chandler said. "He’s not doing that unless he’s actually coming back. So he’s trying to wait me out, smoke me out, but I’m going to be waiting here, man. The greatest comeback in combat sports history, that road goes through one man — and his name is Michael Chandler.”

But even though Chandler is the promised opponent, McGregor is calling out other opponent's left and right. But even through that, Chandler is holding out hope that the UFC will keep to their word.

“I’ve heard it. I’ve seen Conor talk about other opponents. I’ve seen Conor talk about different dates. I’ve seen Conor talk, completely dismiss me and act like to fight with me isn’t happening," he said. "These are all ways that these guys try to get inside people’s heads. Unluckily for them, your boy’s bulletproof, alright? So we’re good. So we’re staying with the plan. We’re right where we need to be. I’ve had a year, a year-plus now to think about and visualize knocking Conor out, watching all of his tapes, seeing the training footage that’s coming out. I see that he’s training, I see that he’s coming back."

The trash talk between the two opponents have been minimal, much less than an other opponent McGregor has engaged with.

“Listen, I respect Conor and I respect coach Kavanagh,” Chandler said. “We’re very cordial, right? And I don’t have to hate Conor to want to go out there and rip his head off in front of millions of people. But these guys are very good at creating their own narrative and throwing little breadcrumbs out there that are just stale as heck and not even a mouse would eat them. Alright? So just remember when they say things, maybe it’s true, maybe it’s not true. Maybe they’re saying things for the reason of just making people like yourself and all of us speculate and also [making] me speculate.

Michael Chandler admits to being 'frustrated' and 'annoyed' with Conor McGregor fight delay

And even though the trash talk has been mild, Chandler is still annoyed that he's having to wait for McGregor with no end in sight.

“[Have I been] frustrated at times? Absolutely. Annoyed? Maybe a little bit here and there,” Chandler admitted. “Because we get that rush, we love fighting, we love competing. I do train a lot so it is hard to train — even me, even being known as the guy who trains a lot and I live this life, it is hard to have your training but not have that carrot dangled in front of you and that light at the end of the tunnel of an actual date. But anybody who has seen all of my fights in the UFC thus far or even the fights before that, I’ve been extremely active over the last 15 years.

I’ve fought extremely hard. Some very, very tough fights I’ve had since I came into the UFC, especially [since] I fought everybody inside the top five basically. Fights of the Year, Knockouts of the Year, all of those different things. So anytime I find myself being frustrated, I believe I’m always able to go back to my north star that, hey, it’s going to work out the way it’s going to, just like me coming to the UFC. That door stayed closed until it was time for that door to open. The door opening for this fight with Conor, whenever it’s finally supposed to be, it will be, and I’m just being at peace in the midst of the waiting.”

The last update on McGregor was that he woud;nt be ready for UFC 300, but things change sometimes by the hour with McGregor, so we just don't know.

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