Michael Chandler fires back, Dana White on Kelvin Gastelum & Zach Snyder UFC movie

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Michael Chandler
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Michael Chandler fires back at Conor McGregor

THE NEWS: On Sunday, Michael Chandler responded to a meme that Conor McGregor posted in response to Chandler saying he was going to attend UFC 303. "Speaking of showing up to events…glad you finally made it to the 3Arena where the press conference was supposed to be June 3rd. Sweet slippers. Who’s the Bellator Tick now?" he wrote in response.

MY THOUGHTS: Both the meme and Chandler's reactions were pretty good. McGregor should be leaving Chandler alone at this point though, he's put him through enough. And Chandler pointing out that McGregor showed up for Bellator is hilarious because it's true. McGregor should be resting that toe of his.

Dana White on Kelvin Gastelum's weight issues

THE NEWS: Kelvin Gastelum's weight issues continue. At UFC Saudi Arabia he was unable to make the already adjusted catchweight and the fight was moved up an entire weight class on just a few days notice. UFC president Dana White was asked about it in the post-fight press conference and he wasn't happy with Gastelum, despite his apology after winning. “I’m not thrilled with Kelvin Gastelum right now. This guy’s missed weight like three times in his career," White said. “You got kids taking fights on a week’s notice, jumping on cards, coming over here and making weight and Kelvin doesn’t make weight. It’s extremely disappointing.”

MY THOUGHTS: Gastelum will continue to have weight issues if he's never held accountable for those moments. Harsher punishments need to be made for habitual weight bullies or undisciplined fighters. I hope White holds his feet to the fire for this.

Zach Snyder UFC movie?

THE NEWS: Turki Alalshikh said after the UFC Saudi Arabia broadcast that he wants Zach Snyder to make a movie about the UFC. "I want to have a meeting with [Dana White] and the director Zack Snyder, who's a friend," Alalshikh said. "We want to talk about doing a big movie about the UFC. Like The Cinderella Man, something like this. I would like to convince Zach Snyder he liked the idea and also convince Dana."

MY THOUGHTS: Personally, I don't want anyone to be "convinced" to do a movie. I'd rather that person find the passion within and want to do it on their own accord, not as a favor to two men with lots of money. I am uncomfortable with how much involvement Alalshikh is having in sports simply because he can pay for what he wants.