Michael Bisping responds to Justin Gaethje's commentary 'bias' claims

UFC Fight Night: Overeem v Harris
UFC Fight Night: Overeem v Harris / Douglas P. DeFelice/GettyImages

Michael Bisping has responded to Justin Gaethje calling his commentary "biased" and "unprofessional" after UFC 286.

On Saturday night in London, Justin Gaethje took aim at Michael Bisping over his commentary for the Leon Edwards vs. Kamaru Usman fight.

“I thought [Usman] won the fight,” Gaethje said (h/t MMA Fighting). “But I’m probably as biased as the judges. Certainly not as biased as Michael Bisping, who shouldn’t have been nowhere near a microphone during that fight. It sucks.”

Edwards and Bisping are both British.

On Monday night Bisping addressed the comments on his YouTube channel, and surprisingly took the high road.

“Justin’s just being a loyal friend and a loyal teammate,” Bisping said. “When you’re watching a fight and you want your friend, your teammate to win, the good stuff that they do, in your mind, is emphasized. It is amplified. It is a bigger deal than what it is. And the stuff that the opponent does to your friend, you dismiss it. … That’s just the human mind. That’s how we work. When someone that we respect, when someone that’s our friend that we’re supporting, when they’re doing well, we amplify it in our mind. When anything bad happens, we play it down."

He went on to say, "So Justin firmly believes in his head that Kamaru won that fight. And because I said on the microphone afterwards, ‘Well, Leon clearly won that fight,’ which I thought that he did in a close fight – in a close fight. All the rounds were close. Leon didn’t smoke him in any of the rounds, but I thought generally Kamaru might’ve had one or two rounds. Maybe one, maybe two. I’d have to watch it again. But listen, Leon won the fight. But all rounds were close, and Justin is just being a good teammate.”

He also backed up his commentary of the fight itself.

On Monday, fellow color commentator Jon Anik stood up for Bisping, saying that he has "zero agenda nor any bias" and that the job of a commentator is hard.

Edwards won the fight via majority decision after several fouls.

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