Michael Bisping has hilarious response to UFC Mexico controversial cornering advice

  • At UFC Mexico a coach told his fighter he didn't need his eyes to fight
  • The fighter was bleeding from massive cuts and swelling
  • Michael Bisping weighed in on the corner advice.
UFC Fight Night: Overeem v Harris
UFC Fight Night: Overeem v Harris / Douglas P. DeFelice/GettyImages

While watching the UFC Mexico card from home former UFC middleweight champion chimed in with some hilarious advice.

Bisping quote tweeted a video of Francisco Prado's corner telling him that you "don't need your eyes" to fight and just to "aim for the object in the middle" which shocked the viewers.

Bisping confirmed that you do not need your eyes to fight. Bisping would know since he secretly completed blind in one eye during his Hall of Fame career.

Bisping avoided seeing a doctor because he feared an eye injury suffered during a fight would end his career. Despite suffering a detached retina, Bisping was able to continue his career and eventually captured the UFC middleweight championship.

However, the eye injury ultimately ended his career. Bisping retired after he suffered another eye injury in a short-notice fight against Kelvin Gastelum. Today, Bisping wears a fake eye and has even taken it out during media appearances.

Unfortunately, for Prado, his corner's advice did not help. Prado lost to Daniel Zellhuber by unanimous decision. Hopefully, the incident at UFC Mexico is not serious and Prado did not suffer an injury to his eye.

The overwleming majority of fans feel that the coach should have stopped the fight as his fighter had no hopes of winning in the third.


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