Matt Brown made a wild claim about Conor McGregor that's probably right

Matt Brown doesn't think Conor McGregor ever fights again.
Matt Brown
Matt Brown / Handout/GettyImages

UFC veteran Matt Brown has been weighing in on all kinds of MMA topics lately but his most recent Conor McGregor comments have caught the most attention.

On New Year's Eve, McGregor announced he'll be fighting Michael Chandler on June 29 at 185 pounds. But Brown isn't so sure what he's saying is true.

“It ain’t confirmed until it’s signed,” Brown said on the latest episode of The Fighter vs. The Writer. “I’m still not convinced it’s going to happen. That’s why I asked if it was confirmed."

Not only does Brown wonder if McGregor will really fight in June, but he wonders if he ever fights again.

“Is Conor going to fight again? I know he announced that. He loves being in the spotlight. He likes everybody talking about him. He likes that we’re talking about him right now. That’s what he lives for now. I don’t believe it still. Until I see it, I’m not going to believe it.”

Matt Brown says Conor McGregor 'doesn’t need to fight'

Brown isn't just talking out of nowhere he knows that the money motivation isn't there for McGregor anymore. He also doesn't think the title will be within his reach.

“He doesn’t need to fight,” Brown said. “What purpose does it serve him? He’s not getting back to a title. He’s not going to do anything significant ever again. He’s got $500 million in the bank. What’s a few million for fighting somebody like Chandler? What’s that going to do for him? That would be like if I gave you $10. You’d be like, ‘Alright, what do you want me to do with this?’ It’s not even going to change your day, nonetheless your life."

The UFC has yet to confirm the fight.


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