Marlon Vera accused Sean O'Malley of cheating at UFC 299

Marlon Vera thinks Sean O'Malley didn't fight fair at UFC 299.
Marlon Vera and Sean O'Malley
Marlon Vera and Sean O'Malley / GIORGIO VIERA/GettyImages

Marlon Vera feels UFC bantamweight champion Sean O'Malley's win in their UFC 299 rematch is tainted. Things between O'Malley and Vera seemed to cool down after their rematch, and Vera appeared to initially take the loss in stride. But, just days after the event, tensions have thickened between the two sides.

In a recent tweet, Vera accused O'Malley of attempting to gain an unfair advantage for their UFC 299 matchup.

"Who braid your hair [Sean O'Malley] you where grease to the bone I wonder how much gel they use?," Vera tweeted.

It didn't take 10 minutes for O'Malley to issue a fiery response.

"Send pic of your face," O'Malley replied.

Marlon Vera and Sean O'Malley go back-and-forth just days after UFC 299

Vera lost to O'Malley by unanimous decision in the UFC 299 main event. The fight was a rematch almost four years in the making after Vera handed O'Malley his first professional loss at UFC 252.

The tide turned at UFC 299 for O'Malley, as he put on a five-round clinic against Vera. Except for a brutal body shot in the final seconds from Vera, O'Malley dealt the more damaging blows throughout the fight.

O'Malley isn't the only current or former UFC star who has been accused of greasing before or during fights. Just days after UFC 287, Gilbert Burns accused Jorge Masvidal of greasing after defeating him by unanimous decision.

Burns was unable to grapple Masvidal to his liking, and initially blamed it on Masvidal's alleged greasing.

One of the most controversial moments in UFC history took place when Georges St-Pierre faced BJ Penn in their UFC 94 rematch. In between rounds, cornerman Phil Nurse was caught putting Vaseline on St-Pierre's back and shoulders, which was and still is illegal.

As of this writing, there's no direct evidence of any wrongdoing by O'Malley at UFC 299.

O'Malley earned the UFC bantamweight title by defeating Aljamain Sterling at UFC 292. He's unbeaten over his last seven fights since falling to Vera in their first booking.

Vera got the title shot after a unanimous decision win over Pedro Munhoz at UFC 292. He's won five of his last seven bouts.

Despite their two fights, O'Malley and Vera will likely never be friends, especially in light of Vera's recent accusations. This latest chapter of their rivalry could be an intriguing storyline if a future trilogy comes to fruition.


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