Manel Kape issues statement after another weight miss

Manel Kape says antibiotics were a cause of his weight miss.
Manel Kape
Manel Kape /

On Friday, Jan. 12, UFC's Manel Kape stepped on the scales for his UFC Vegas 84 co-main event heavy. He tipped the scales at 129.5 pounds, a full 3.5 pounds over for his fight with Matheus Nicolau.

The fight was later scrapped from the card.

"Guys, I couldn’t make the weight this time, two weeks ago I was extremely sick due to a virus that happened here in Las Vegas, And I had to stay out of training for 5 days and filling myself with antibiotics, not only affected me but many of my training partners," he said on social media after the news broke.

"My coaches and my manager thought it was better for me to cancel the fight due to the state I was in. But I decided to move on and not cancel. My opponent didn’t accept to fight or accept my purse.I would give him my entire purse if he wants to fight. But things are as they are, and i take all the responsibilities."

This is not the first time Kape has had issues on the scales. He missed weight at UFC 265 as well.

"Last year I had 5 fights canceled one of them my opponent was 11 LB above, even so I agreed to fight," he wrote.


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