LOOK: Is there trouble brewing between Kill Cliff FC and Ian Garry?

The Ian Garry drama has taken a new turn after Brendan Allen gym revelations.
Ian Garry
Ian Garry / James Gilbert/GettyImages

Ian Garry is making all kinds of headlines lately, but it's probably not for what he wants it to be. First, he announced he was asked not to train at Team Renegade anymore and now it seems there might be trouble brewing at Kill Cliff FC too.

Kill Cliff FC member, Brendan Allen member, that his presence in the gym hasn't been the most peaceful experience. Allen also thinks taking a fight with another Kill Cliff FC member is a "b***h move."

“I think it’s a really b***h move to announce you’re leaving the gym and then ask for or somehow it comes about that you’re fighting a guy that you were training with,” Allen said. “Vicente’s one of the nicest guys ever, he don’t talk about nobody. He barely talks in the gym.”

Furthermore, Allen says Garry should stop all his talking because there's footage of him getting knocked out that, if released, could embarrass him.

“He records everything, they record everything,” Allen said. “But just know there’s video and he knows what name not to say to let it come out of what happened to him. I’m not gonna release it but just know there is someone in that gym that has slept him. Out.”

He continued, "So for him to come out and say how good he is at striking? Yeah, everyone has their days. He probably got the best of me a couple sparring sessions. But there’s many sparring sessions where I did what I did too.”

Brendan Allen says Ian Garry is 'whack' and at at 'turning point' in his career

Allen didn't hold back his opinion of Garry, saying that Garry has changed over time.

“I think [Ian’s] whack,” Allen continued. “I think he’s young. I think he’s misled. I think he talks way too much. I understand he’s trying to be like Conor, but there’s only one Conor ... I feel like he was at a turning point where he could go down one road and still be a good person and not let things transfer over. But now I think he’s going down the other way where he’s like a Colby Covington type of thing. It kind of sucks because he was a nice guy.”

There's also been trouble in Garry's private life. Fans have been harrassing Garry and his wife over claims that his wife was predatory over Garry, controls him and his career and is a gold digger. The harassment all stems from a book that Garry says was "satire" in which his wife wrote about how to be a WAG. Both Garry and his wife have closed down comments on their social media and even made their Twitter accounts private due to the onslaught of fan commentary.

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