LOOK: Dillon Danis is training with UFC's Alex Pereira ahead of Logan Paul (Video)

Dillon Danis is taking his upcoming fight with Logan Paul seriously by training with UFC's Alex Pereira.
Dillon Danis and Alex Pereira
Dillon Danis and Alex Pereira /

This might be the first real sign that Dillon Danis actually plans to show up to fight Logan Paul next month.

Danis was spotted training with former UFC middleweight champion Alex Pereira for his boxing fight.

The photos, shared by MMA Junkie through Danis show him sparring with the new light heavyweight title contender at Cruz MMA in New Jersey.


Danis fights Paul on Oct. 14 at AO Arena in Manchester, England after weeks of build-up which has led to a restraining order and lawsuit filed by Paul's fiancee Nina Agdal.

Alex Pereira says he 'enjoyed the training' with Dillon Danis

Pereira is gearing up for his own fight, a title fight with former light heavyweight champion Jiri Prochazka at UFC 294.

“He was just in here today in my gym,” Pereira said through a translator on The MMA Hour. “It was a great training, he said he enjoyed rounds with a specific type of sparring, it was a very nice train… No, it was the second time [we trained], the first time we trained was a few months ago. But, Alex was still recovering from some fights, still a bit injured, so they just did a few positions on the ground. Some boxing.”

He continued, “Today, it was really boxing… Well, Alex is going to travel now for a few days. Maybe [we’ll train] one more time before the fight because he really enjoyed the training. He was able to move a lot, Dillon enjoyed it too. Dillon was able to pick up a lot of stuff today, so it was very good actually.”