LOOK: There were 2 back-to-back slam knockouts at UFC Austin (Video)

Watch both of the knockout slams that happened on the UFC Austin prelims.

UFC Austin
UFC Austin / UFC

There's only been 14 slam knockouts in the history of the UFC and two of them happened at UFC Austin. Back to back.

First, Drakkar Klose slammed Joe Solecki in the first round of their fight winning by knockout at just over one minute. Then moments later Cody Brundage did nearly the exact same thing to Zachary Reese.

Watch both of the knockouts right here.

The difference in the timin gof the KO's was just eight seconds. Brundage finished the fight at 1:49 and Klose at 1:41. Just absolute insanity.

And in case you were wondering what the other KO's were and when, this Twitter user compiled the list for us.

Here's what MMA Twitter thought of the moments.

Stay tuned because it's not even the main card yet and the night has already been pretty wild.

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