Logan Paul promised to 'slaughter' Dillon Danis either in the ring or the courthouse (Video)

Logan Paul says Nina Agdal doesn't need protecting 'She’s going to hold him accountable where he needs to be held accountable'.
Logan Paul
Logan Paul / Steven Ferdman/GettyImages

Logan Paul is standing beside his fiancee Nina Agdal after she filed a lawsuit and restraining order against his future opponent Dillon Danis.

“The response that Nina is exhibiting, and the strength of her character, is the reason that I asked her to marry me,” Paul said while appearing on the MMA Hour. “This woman is incredible. I love her so much. She is the person who I want to mother my children, and I admire her. She honestly inspires me, and she’s handling all this great. She handled it in the most mature way possible. She hasn’t said a word about it, and she’s going to hold him accountable where he needs to be held accountable, which is in the justice system, but it’s completely unrelated to our fight.”

He continued, “He’s making up anything he can to try to rationalize to himself and his fans, that are just deluded enough to believe the things he says, because 75 percent of what he says is not true, but nothing about that keeps him from showing up. It is completely unrelated. ... You picked a fight with a woman, [and] she’s standing up for herself. You got to sleep in that bed. Not my lawsuit, buddy, that’s hers. But you gotta deal with me.”

Logan Paul promises to 'slaughter' Dillion Danis in the ring or the courthouse

Many have wondered if Danis would even show up to the fight, even more so now that the lawsuit is filed. And there's even a backup in case that does happen. But Paul wants the chance to put his hands on him.

“I would prefer that he shows up,” Paul said. “If he doesn’t, I will be more than happy to handle Mike Perry. It won’t feel like a letdown. I’ll let Nina handle him in court. We’re going to slaughter him either way.”

The pair will fight on Oct. 15.

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