Korean Zombie blasts fan for stealing retirement gloves: 'You crossed the line'

Chan Sung Jung responds to the fan who stole his UFC Singapore retirement gloves.
The Korean Zombie
The Korean Zombie / UFC

Chan Sung Jung (aka The Korean Zombie) had one of the most moving, emotional, and respectful retirements in recent memory. After losing to Max Holloway at UFC Singapore, Jung hung up his gloves for good and walked out of the area in tears as fans sang his walk-out song "Zombie".

But that perfect moment was ruined when it was revealed that his gloves were stolen by a fan as he was high-fiving spectators on the way out of the cage.

“So I took off my gloves in the Octagon, and I was walking backstage with my left hand. While I was high-fiving the audience during the walk back, I kept my left hand folded on purpose because I had the gloves in my left hand,” he said on his YouTube page (h/t Bloody Elbow). “But then someone held onto my wrists and took one of my gloves. Dude, seriously? I really wanted to keep those gloves, but one went missing. So I was, like, ‘whatever,’ and just threw the other one in the crowd.” 

The ordinarily mild-mannered Jung addressed the fan directly saying, “Whoever took my glove, you crossed the line. Those were my last pair of gloves.”

The Korean Zombie 'grateful' for good fans following retirement

Though Jung was bothered by the theft, he was incredibly greatful for the good fans in the crowd.

“I’ve been thinking, ‘why do these people show so much love?’ All the fighters around the world, my favorite fighters, the fighters that I admire, were all leaving comments on my retirement. I am just so grateful,” he said. 

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