Justin Gaethje releases statement after losing BMF title to brutal last-second knockout

Justin Gaethje has spoken out for the first time since he lost to Max Holloway at UFC 300.
Justin Gaethje
Justin Gaethje / Carmen Mandato/GettyImages

On Saturday night, Justin Gaethje and Max Holloway foung five of the most incredible rounds of MMA action the UFC has ever seen. After breaking his nose in the first round the former BMF champion continued on with a back-and-forth with Holloway trading shots up until the final seconds of the fight. With about 10 seconds on the clock, Hollway pointed at the canvas and then dropped Gaethje out cold with just one second remaining in the fight.

After the fight, Gaethje took to Twitter to reassure his fans of his health and congratulate Hollway who is now the reigning BMF champion.

“I’m in great spirits with my family,” Gaethje wrote on Twitter. “Thanks for all the love. What a sport. @BlessedMMA you’re a dog. Congrats. Well deserved double bonus.”

UFC CEO Dana White spoke highly of the performance and gave Gaethje $300,000 for his efforts and Holloway $600,000

Justin Gaethje praises Max Holloway after knockout loss

“How many times have you seen a fight where a guy is winning, they click the 10-second thing, the guy puts his hands up, and they run around and move around?” White said at the UFC 300 post-fight press conference. “He’s got the fight won, and he’s in there with one of the most dangerous guys in the f*cking business, and he says, ‘Let’s do this.’ And they f*cking oblige and they go in. One second left and then a knockout like that. That’s like movie sh*t.”

Gaethje has always been a fan favorite and a perfect example of what fighters should be like. He's a never-say-no style of a guy and his fights are always wild. He briefly held the UFC interim title and, despite his setbacks, has never lost popularity or favor with the MMA fans. His gritty fight style is something not often seen in the UFC anymore.

But it was Holloway's time to shine at UFC 300 and, even though undoubtably winning the fight, Holloway explained why he never stopped looking for the knockout.

“That this is the moment. That this is what BMFs is known for – the baddest mother-effer,” Holloway said at the UFC 300 post fight press conference. “… If that’s not a BMF moment, I don’t know what is. If the cards were flipped and Justin felt like he was up, I know he would give me that 10-second shot. He’s a bad man, and I don’t know if I’m ever gonna share the octagon with him again. He’s a legend."

At press time its unclear what White has planned for either Gaethje or Holloway.


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