Josh Thomson, John McCarthy think Kayla Harrison's 'went where the easier fights are' (Video)

  • Josh Thomson and John McCarthy reacted to the Kayla Harrison signing
  • They believe she left PFL for easier fights
  • They think Cris Cyborg fight should have happened

Josh Thomson and John McCarthy
Josh Thomson and John McCarthy / Weighing In

Everyone is excited to see Kayla Harrison in the UFC ... well, almost everyone.

While appearing on their Weighing In podcast this week, Bellator commentators, Josh Thomson and Josh Thomson spoke about Harrison leaving the PFL (who now owns Bellator) to sign with the UFC for a fight at UFC 300 in April.

Both men think Harrison left two bigger fights, namely Cris "Cyborg" Justino and Larissa Pacheco, in the PFL for "easier" fights in the UFC.

“The talk that Amanda Nunes may come back, that is the biggest fight they can make in the 135-pound division,” Thomson said. “This picture is her standing next to Dustin Poirier at American Top Team as of yesterday. I think that she already looks like she started her weight cut. I think she had a good idea she was going to be making this weight cut for the last probably two or three months. Smart on her part to go where she wanted to go. I think she went where the easier fights are.”

John McCarthy says he doesn't blame Kayla Harrison for wanting to fight in the UFC

McCarthy agreed, “I don’t blame her for going to the UFC. I don’t blame her for saying how (she wants) to be part of that organization. It’s a phenomenal organization,” McCarthy said. “I understand why she feels like this is a good move for (her). It’s just after all the talk, it’s all about the competition. No, it’s not.”

Harrison will be fighting former UFC bantamweight champion Holly Holm for her UFC debut. Holm is no slouch, she's on a bit of a downward spiral at the moment, but she is the first woman to defeat Ronda Rousey and has incredible stand-up.

But the fights in PFL are "bigger" in terms of star-power. But many think Harrison wanted a new challenge, and a career at bantamweight could be just that.