Jorge Masvidal reacts to Colby Covington court case 'I'm a free f*cking man' (VIDEO)

Jorge Masvidal thanks his lawyer after walking free from Colby Covington assault.

Jorge Masvidal
Jorge Masvidal / Instagram

On Monday, former BMF champion Jorge Masvidal pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor battery charge stemming from his assault on Colby Covington in March 2022. Masvidal was originally facing two felonies and 15 years in prison after attacking Covington on the street.

After the news broke Masvidal took to Instagram to call out Covington and praise his lawyer for the deal.

"Just beat the case," Masvidal said on Instagram outside of the courthouse. "I want to thank God and I also want to thank this man right here because I'm a free f*cking man. F*ck you Colby. It's gonna be a f*cking movie now, all these orders, all these restraining orders all these things been lifted off."

Jorge Masvidal blasts Colby Covington lawsuit as 'bullsh*t'

Bradford Cohen, Masvidal's lawyer also posted a statement on their day in court.

"Myself and @legalsicario had all felonies against Jorge Masvidal dismissed," he wrote. "End result time served on. Misdemeanor. Although any atty would be happy, having 2nd degree felonies dismissed for a time served Misdemeanor, this case was bullsh*t. Colby threatens to kill my client on sight. Instead of living up to that threat, he runs and hides behind a hostess stand. Then files criminal charges. Colby is a real millennial."

Masvidal attacked Covington on the streets of Miami while he was leaving a restaurant. According to Covington, Masvidal sucker punched him while in disguise and broke his teeth, caused a concussion, and broke an expensive watch.

After he posted his Instagram video, he appeared on The MMA Hour and spoke more in-depth about his feelings regarding Covington.

“For starters, this little b**** Colby was trying to hit me with three felonies and a misdemeanor, after he had declared numerous times that if he saw me in the street he was literally going to kill me,” Masvidal said. “It’s the weirdest f****** s***. I couldn’t talk about this before, but now I can. He also said I attacked him with like five individuals. Where the f*** were all these co-defendants? They would have been on trial as well. You can’t just attack people with a mob of people. That would’ve been like a hate crime on his f****** flaky ass. Where the f*** are the rest of the people he was saying?

“So again, he’s a f****** liar. It was just me and him, I f****** confronted him after he had just dropped that s***, and what did he do? He went and f****** hid in a f****** hostess’ f****** desk and called the cops. The recordings are all out there. ‘9-1-1, I’m in fear for my life. This guy’s outside trying to kick my ass!’ You f****** p****-ass b****. Eight months I’ve been dealing with this s***. All types of money spent, all types of bulls***, but thank goodness for [my lawyer] Brad Cohen. Love this guy. He kept me out of trouble, great dude, walked me through the whole thing. He’s the best.”

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