Colby Covington says Jon Jones refuses to fight on the same card as him ... here's why

Colby Covington thinks Jon Jones is making a request to not fight on the same card as him ahead of UFC 295.
Jon Jones and Colby Covington
Jon Jones and Colby Covington / Getty

Take everything Colby Covington says with a grain of salt. That needs to be said.

Recently Covington made a pretty big statement pertaining to UFC heavyweight champion Jon Jones and it's gotten a lot of attention.

Covington thinks that Jones is uncomfortable sharing a fight card with him due to their past affiliation.

“Is Jon Jones going to be willing to share a card with his former college roommate who knows all his dirty secrets, all the dirty skeletons in his closet?” Covington said in an interview with Michael Bisping on his YouTube channel. “I bet that he’s going over to the UFC right now and he’s telling them, ‘Yo, I’m not sharing a card with Colby. I will refuse to fight here.’

Many had hoped that Covington might fight welterweight champion Leon Edwards on the UFC 295 card that's slated for Nov. 11 at Madison Square Garden. That doesn't appear to be the case, at least according to Covington.

“So, the only way I see that fight happening is, we know Jon’s unpredictable, we know he might go sniff some white girls, kind of like Joe Biden. He’s not to be relied on. He might get pulled off the card, and we might have to save the day and be the main event.”

He double downed on his accusation when he elaborated further.

“A little birdie told me, Michael, that he went backstage with the suits and the big dogs of the UFC and said, hey, he refuses to share a card with me,” Covington said. “So, they’re gonna give him what he wants. They don’t want to ruin their New York show, and they’re still hoping he shows up. But they need a backup plan. He’s not reliable. I’m the ultimate company man.

Colby Covington said his friendship with Jon Jones began crumbling when 'he started doing steroids to bulk up'

Covington went into detail about why the pair are no longer friends.

“It all went sour when he started doing steroids to bulk up,” Covington said. “So, his mood swings and all the stuff he was putting in his body was affecting his emotions, and he had mood swings. He would literally just be bipolar. One day he would be completely fine and we would be best friends; the next day he would just be like, ‘Oh, Colby! Your shoes are messed up wrong. Why didn’t you put them perfectly in the corner?’ I’m like, ‘Bro, it’s just my shoes. What’s the big deal? We’ve been tighter than that and closer than that for long enough.’

He continued, “Not even that, Mike. Look at the piece of sh*t that he is. His last felony, he’s beating up his wife, left his wife a bloody mess in that hotel and went to jail. This guy is a dirtbag. Hitting a Bentley with two hookers in the back. Hitting a pregnant lady at a stop sign, then fleeing the scene with drugs. It’s just countless thing after thing, failing steroid tests. The truth is the truth. I don’t have any skeletons in my closet, and I want the world to see it. I don’t want him being painted in a good light because he’s not a God-fearing man. He’s an evil spirit.”

Covington hasn't fought since he defeated Jorge Masvidal in March 2022.

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