Johnny Walker went nuclear on Twitter after brother's UFC debut loss

Johnny Walker is standing up for his brother after he lost his UFC debut.
Johnny Walker
Johnny Walker / Handout/GettyImages

UFC fan favorite Johnny Walker was not happy with the outcome of his brother's UFC debut. On Saturday, Valter Walker faced Lukasz Brzeski in a heavyweight preliminary fight. The overwhelmingly boring bout went the full three rounds and the win was awarded to Brzeski unanimously.

But Johnny wasn't satisfied with the decision and took to Twitter commenting on numerous posts in protest of the decision. He commented on the official UFC Canada, UFC Main, UFC Europe, and UFC News accounts and responded to several fans as well.

"How ? He didn’t defend no take down , Valter control and take down all rounds , someone have the statistics," he tweeted on one. He commented on another, "How do they score this fight ? I didn’t understand , how much points for punch and how much for take down and control ? How much for submission attempt?"

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He eventually took to his own Twitter to post the stats of the fight tweeting, "the numbers don't lie."

After the fight, we asked Brzeski to comment on the claims Johnny was making all over Twitter. “To people that think my opponent won, I could say only that he should attack me more from the top positions,” Brzeski told FanSided MMA during his post-fight interview.

Fans were split on the decision as well, some feeling Valter did enough to get the nod, others seeing it for Brzeski. One thing MMA Twitter seemed to agree on was how unremarkable the fight was overall. Here's how some of the fanbase reacted to the fight.

Brzeski was on a three fight losing streak coming into the fight with Valter. He had lost his UFC debut and the two fights that followed. We asked if there was pressure on his shoulders with his job on the line. To which he replied, “I said to myself, ‘Why should I give so much pressure to myself? I came with an easy attitude and it worked out.”

Valter was making his debut and was undefeated. He'll not hold the first loss of his career as he hopes to forge a path through the UFC without the shadow of his brother hanging over him.


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