John Fury goes berserk during KSI vs. Tommy Fury press conference (VIDEO)

John Fury flipped a table and caused a rawkus during the KSI vs. Tommy Fury press conference.
John Fury
John Fury / DAZN

If you were looking for a drama-filled press conference, you certainly got one earlier today. The official announcement for the event headlined by KSI vs. Tommy Fury occurred, leaving it up to Fury’s father, John, to add drama to sell the fight even more. After a heated exchange of pleasantries between John Fury and KSI, Fury decided to up the ante by flipping over the table and sending social media into a frenzy.

This isn’t the first time John Fury is involved in a verbal altercation where he reacts in a way that catches everyone off guard. After Tommy’s fight against Daniel Bocianski, Fury went into a verbal sparring session with Jake Paul, who was commentating on the fight, and afterward took his shirt off with the intent of doing something to Paul. That was another instance where social media went wild, and all types of memes would dominate the internet for days. Now we have this incident, which will continue to play up to the fight, which will take place on October 14 live on DAZN PPV. 

In the meantime, if you want to catch more of the Fury family and their craziness, they have a reality show released on Netflix called At Home with the FurysThe show has been on Netflix for under a week and remains the number-one program in the U.K. 

Twitter reacts to John Fury going crazy and flipping a table at the KSI vs. Tommy Fury Presser

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