Jiri Prochazka reacts to UFC 303 loss, Dana White on new UFC gloves & Holly Holm retired?

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Jiri Prochazka
Jiri Prochazka / Ian Maule/GettyImages

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Jiri Prochazka reacts to UFC 303 loss

THE NEWS: Jiri Prochazka lost to Alex Pereira in their UFC 303 main event rematch on Saturday night. This marks the second time Prochazka has lost to Pereira. He took to social media to respond to the loss after the event was over. “Hello everyone, thank you for all your support,” Prochazka said.“Thanks to you Alex for the fight. You [were] better. And only one thing goes on my mind, that I need to evolve to the next level — or don’t fight again. So simple, to be the strongest, this is the way. Thank you. See you in the gym.”

MY THOUGHTS: In no way should Prochazka think about retiring. He should get better after this and must remember he took the fight on short notice. He has a lot to be happy and prod of as well.

Dana White thinks low knockouts since new gloves are ‘just a coincidence’

THE NEWS: The UFC debuted new gloves at UFC 302 and since then have only had 12 KO/TKOs, only eight of those involving hands. It's led many to wonder if the new gloves are not so great. UFC president Dana White was asked about it at the UFC 303 press conference. “Let me tell you what me and [Hunter Campbell] were looking at each other like, ‘are these gloves fu—ked up?’ Believe me, we were saying the same thing,” White told the media. “You guys had us wondering, too. So then when [Alex Pereira] knocked [Jiri Prochazka] down the first time, I looked at him and said, ‘I guess it ain’t the gloves.’ And he goes, ‘I don’t think it matters what he’s fu—ing wearing. So that might be true. I don’t know. I think it’s just a coincidence. [White knocks on the table] Hopefully.”

MY THOUGHTS: I'm glad they have their eyes on the situation and aren't writing it off right away. I do think it could be a coincidence but I', wondering at what point do we go back to the old ones?

Holly Holm not ready to retire

THE NEWS: UFC president Dana White suggested that former bantamweight champion Holly Holm should retire following her loss to Kayla Harrison at UFC 300. Holm says she was "pissed off" by the suggestion. “I’ve lost a lot of sleep over it because I just know I’m capable of more than what I performed. That’s how it goes. You can’t go back and change it. You’ve got to suck it up, own it, and keep grinding, and move forward.

She continued, “I’m ready to go whenever. I definitely am not ready to be done fighting. I know I’m still healthy and capable. I’m just mad that I haven’t performed.”

MY THOUGHTS: I don't necessarily disagree with White but I understand where Holm is coming from. No one but her should be deciding when she is done fighting.