Jamahal Hill speaks out for the first time since domestic violence charge against brother

Jamahal Hill says he 'can’t wait for the truth to be told in court' after domestic violence arrest.

Jamahal Hill
Jamahal Hill / Mat Hayward/GettyImages

On Monday, Nov. 27, former UFC light heavyweight champion Jamahal Hill was arrested and charged with domestic violence after an alleged incident with his brother in Michigan.

Now, nearly a week later, he's taken to his YouTube channel to make his first public statement about the matter.

“There’s been a lot of reports out today about the situation that happened when I was back home in Michigan, visiting for the holidays,” Hill said. “I will just say this, at this time it is an open case. I’ve been advised not to speak on it, which I know not to speak on it."

Hill was charged with a misdemeanor and will report to court on Jan. 22, 2024.

“I just can’t wait for the truth to be told in court. I will wait for that day and I look forward to that day. The people who know me and know my character and truly, truly rock with me and know who I am, hold onto that and stay true to that. That’s all I’m a say on that.”

When the news was first reported by TMZ, fans felt the headline was misleading as it had not speciified the violence was against his brother. Though the headline was factually correct, many thought he'd been involved with an altercation with a woman.

At the time, his manager, Brian Butler-Au, leaped to his defense and called out TMZ for the headline.

“The recent 'click bait' headlines about Jamahal Hill were based on an alleged dispute between him and his older brother. Jamahal adamantly maintains his innocence and denies the false accusations. We will not be commenting anymore about this until the truth comes out in court.

No additional details about the allege assault have been released.