Jake Paul vs. Logan Paul is the best worst idea ever

If Jake Paul vs. Logan Paul saves Mike Tyson, we'll take it.
Jake Paul and Logan Paul
Jake Paul and Logan Paul / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

Jake Paul was supposed to fight Mike Tyson on July 20 but due to a health issue with Tyson, the fight was postponed. In the aftermath of the postponement, Logan Paul, Jake's brother jokingly offered to replace Tyson and fight his own brother in the boxing ring.

"So Mike Tyson’s out? I’ll step in and we can settle this once and for all," Logan tweeted. Jake replied tweeting, "Mom doesn’t want me to KO you but f*ck it. Loser has to change their last name."

The idea was clearly in jest but it got me thinking ... it might be a better fight option than we thought. Firstly, it gets the Tyson fight off the table which we pretty much all want anyway. Jake has no business fighting a 58-year-old man with health problems. It's irresponsible for everyone involved to allow the fight to go on.

Logan Paul called out his brother Jake Paul after Mike Tyson fight postponed

Second, it's a circus fight and exactly what we think Jake deserves. The fight between him and Tyson was a joke but we don't want to see Tyson the butt of that joke. Let the Paul brothers duke it out because no one's legacy will be on the line.

Jake needs to be fighting someone his own age and someone his own skill level and that's undoubtedly Logan. Make it a "sibling rivalry" fight, do it up all extra, and both the Paul brothers could benefit. We don't even care if it's fixed, the fight doesn't matter anyway.

And the fans agree with me. "I would rather this over Mike Tyson tbh," someone tweeted. Someone else wrote, "This just makes sense for Netflix." Another fan had an idea for the co-main event tweeting, "Jake/Logan, if you really do this try to get Nick Diaz vs Nate Diaz as the undercard."

Let the Amanda Serrano and Katie Taylor fight to go on for July 20 on Netflix, let them be headliners and we can all move on past seeing Tyson fight ever again. The Serrano/Taylor fight was the only real big boxing fight on the card anyway, it's a slap in the face for the legitimate fight to be a co-main to the controversial Tyson/Paul main event anyway.

If Jake Paul vs. Logan Paul saves Mike Tyson, we'll take it.