Jake, Logan Paul’s response to Nate Diaz street fight video is hilarious

Jake and Logan Paul
Jake and Logan Paul / Twitter

Jake and Logan Paul poke fun at Nate Diaz after video of him choking a lookalike surfaced.

Jake and Logan Paul got dragged into some Nate Diaz drama on Friday and, for once, they actually didn't do anything wrong.

While attending Misfits Boxing 6, Nate was caught on camera throwing a PRIME water bottle at a fighter who had been disqualified for unsportsmanlike conduct. Then later in the evening, he was caught on camera again, this time fighting with a Logan Paul lookalike on the streets of New Orleans and casually putting him to sleep.

Now, both Paul brothers have responded to the videos in an attempt to poke fun at Diaz.

Logan also took to his Twitter to acknowledge the lookalike.

At press time, no arrests or charges had been filed against Diaz.

Jake and Diaz are scheduled to fight in the boxing ring in August, it will be the first fight for Diaz since he left the UFC and the first fight for Jake since losing to Tommy Fury.

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