Ilia Topuria picks the obvious UFC GOAT and chimes in why the future is now

  • Ilia Topuria picked who he feels is the GOAT UFC fighter
  • Believes that a new generation needs to rise
  • Topuria is determined to carve his own UFC legacy

Ilia Topuria, UFC
Ilia Topuria, UFC / Aldara Zarraoa/GettyImages

When it comes to the hot debate of who is the "Greatest of All Time" in any sport, it's always a fun and engaging discussion. Of course, it's all a matter of opinion but the consensus GOAT of any sport tends to pick the best of the best. Such is the case with some recent comments made by Ilia Topuria who he feels is the GOAT of UFC.

To be the GOAT, it's a lot of little factors that end up being major ones. How long a championship tenure is, their interview skills, their ability to draw big crowds at UFC events, and many more. In this case, Topuria is trying to follow in the footsteps of one of the most recognizable athletes in the world and one who is considered one of the best to ever do it.

In a way, it's great to see Topuria not only show respect to this UFC legend but also use it as motivation to carve out his place in UFC history. Time will tell where Topuria will end up once all is set and done but make no mistake about it, he looks to be well on his way to ushering in a new generation of the featherweight division.

Ilia Topuria picks Conor McGregor as his UFC GOAT

In a video interview with Europop via YouTube, here's what Topuria had to say about why his GOAT is and always will be Conor McGregor: “If it was up to me, if I could, say, send a letter to Santa Claus, it would probably be Conor McGregor. Simply because he represents the first big wave of European MMA and it’s time for us to move on to the next generation. Conor fulfilled his role, he came and took the sport to a new level. It’s time for the old guard to be replaced by the new generation.” [transcribed by our friends at MMA Knockout]

McGregor was not only instrumental in the rise of UFC but also in representing who he is and where he's from. With his Irish accent and bravado in everything he was a part of, McGregor set records across the globe. Not just with winning the UFC Lightweight Title but in earnings, sold-out PPV events, and is now gearing into becoming an actor in Hollywood.

Whether you love him or hate him, you will never be able to forget him. That is what Topuria is hoping to replicate in his respective career to have a similar impact and represent everything important to him. His quote about taking the sport to a new level should be an exciting one to watch since he's accomplished a lot in his young career at just 27 years old and it looks like the best has yet to come.

This was an incredible interview to watch especially when Topuria also revealed that even though he doesn't want to just be on a list of UFC legends, it's all about leaving his mark in the MMA world. One that inspires and motivates others from different cultures and ethnicities to do what McGregor did by putting Ireland on the map and having a long championship reign.

Topuria is known as "El Matador" and works hard in everything he does so hopefully, it's only a matter of time before he starts making even bigger strides in the UFC. It will be even more special for him to represent where he's from since he was raised in Georgia and Spain becoming the first-ever Georgian UFC champion. He has a lot of pride in that and you best believe that will be reflected in every fight he's in.

It will be fun to watch and enjoy everything Topuria will bring to the UFC over these next few years in the prime of his career. He's a lot of fun to watch and knowing just how much this all means to him will be another reason to root for his success. He has all the makings to be the next UFC legend and who knows, perhaps many years from now, we'll be able to throw his name into future GOAT conversations thanks to the greatness that potentially awaits him.